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HISTORICAL SHOP SPOTLIGHT: FleurdeLysOriginals on Etsy

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Are you looking for Historically inspired and recreated jewelry which is completely handmade and has outstanding quality? Look no further then Lauren from FleurdeLysOriginals. She recreates Period jewelry based on extant originals and portraits. Not only can you find high quality recreated historical jewelry, she also has a jewelry line based off historical movies ( so cool). If you haven’t checked our her Etsy shop- you should.
She opened her shop in 2013 and is the nicest person. She is always there to help answer your questions. Lets look at some of her products:
$25.00 16" Coral Necklace seen in the portrait Jane Elizabeth, Countess of Oxford by John Hoppner 1797.

Coral Necklace  ( Above) as in the portrait Jane Elizabeth, Countess of Oxford by John Hoppner 1797.

Here is another Awesome set that is a must have for the Battle Of New Orleans Bicentennial which is quickly approaching.  Think of pairing this with our LIMITED EDITION: Historically inspired Josephine Oil Perfume ( Not in the shop yet- We were asked to make this special perfume specifically for the upcoming Battle of New Orleans Bicentennial- More Later) After all we are celebrating the 200th year anniversary of the passing of Josephine .

(Below) Josephine Bonaparte in a posthumous portrait dated to 1863 by Victor Viger du Vigneau. 

I asked Lauren if she could tell us a bit more about her shop and her love for historical fashion and jewelry, Here is what she said:

"I've always liked history, period clothing, and jewelry-even when I was very young. Personally I feel that I never grew out of wanting to dress up. Partaking in living history allows me to feel the most "at home" and in my element, in that I get to combine quite a few things that I love. I've been making jewelry since I was little, and for a time made a lot for myself and for friends and family members, but there's only so much of that you can do. So I wanted to branch out and make some for others. I scrapped the first version of my shop because it wasn't period. Period approperate jewelry that is completely correct is my general goal for the shop.
I have also always enjoyed research, and being a graduate of history, I did a lot of it in school. I always apply some form of research before listing an item in the shop-even if it is made after something in the movies or television. I try to use the best materials and methods that I can in making jewelry for my shop. Which is why I primarily use gold fill and sterling silver for the Georgian and Regency pieces. As well as, most of the other replicated pieces. I am also going to be doing the same for the Renaissance section.History is truly the love of my life and it is probably what inspires me the most. I want the items in my shop to look like something people of the past wore, as well as, being of the best quality possible."

  I have a few sets of Lauren's amazing work. I can't tell you enough- how much I love them and how well they are made. I recently got tear drop pearl earrings and was just stunned at the quality and how weighty they are. They are REAL Fresh Water Pearls! Every girl needs pearls in my opinion. Here are a few photos of the jewelry from her shop that I own. I haven't gotten to wear my new earrings yet, but I can't wait. 

 This Limited Edition Perfume Made From Researching Her Original Perfume Receipts Will Be Available Soon In Our Shop. LBCC HISTORICAL .

Below are some photos that were taken on the Williamsburg trip this year. Check out my Awesome Freshwater Pearl necklace and matching earrings. They complete my look and give a air of romance.


 If you are still looking for something special for the holidays- check our her shop and her Facebook page. She just started one up.  Shop and Fanpage

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  1. I have one of her pearl and gold bead necklaces, and LOVE it!!!