Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Military History Fest 2015 - TIME WARP

I am a little behind in our events- but I thought I'd share some photos of an indoor event we do in Chicago called Military History Fest. We had a lovely event-despite the huge winter storm. As far as a new gown. I was able to finish my gown from the Burnley and Trowbridge Italian Gown class I took.

It was a very busy weekend and we didn't get many photos. However, I was able to do a quick TIME WARP.
(Photos Below)

Before we get to the time warp I'll show you a few photos of my gowns for the event. Saturday was the big dress up day, so I wore my new Italian gown. In all honesty, it took me a while to finish it. I had a sleeve issue which took me a while to figure out. I finally had to add a piece to make it work,  after that it went together really fast. I was a little unsure about trim, because I'm not a fan of trimming gowns unless I self trim- but I had a time constraint and literally no fabric left for any self trim- so I had to make a choice and I went with velvet and metallic trim after looking at many fashion plates.  At first I was going to add a waist ribbon belt- but after rethinking things and adding the bows and trim- I felt it just needed a wonderful breast knot. I had never made one before, so one of my friends Mrs. Rockhold of The Fat Reenactress volunteered to help me out. I wanted it to be large and in charge and I LOVE IT!!!!  She also made me one for my hair which is really beautiful too.

                                           MY FINISHED ITALIAN GOWN

Sunday was a bit more relaxed and my favorite go to comfy gown is a zone front linen gown. I wear it a lot. My goal this year is to make myself a matching 1780-1790 petticoat and jacket as well as make Patrick a new outfit. We also are thinking about traveling into the Civil War.. so that will be a new and exciting adventure.

                                           SUNDAY LINEN ZONE FRONT GOWN

As for my hair. It's a wig with my own hair blended in front to make it look as if it was all my own hair. The wig and my hair are pomaded and powdered. I started by pomading and powdering my hair and then I set it in foam curlers overnight and went from there.
Check out the video here:  Hedgehog Hair Video
Want to see how I applied my Historical Makeup and which products I used? Here

                                              SO NOW FOR MY TIME WARP!!

I first journeyed to a Roman Tavern complete with graffiti

Next I hung out to with the Templars

We Chatted & Exchanged Recipes and Cures. They Taught me how to remove an arrow from Flesh!

On to 16th Century England- I didn't stay long...

Then Somehow ended up in the Spanish American War- which I admit I don't know much about...

From there... well you can tell.. the bearded guy looks a little confused that I'm standing there.

So then I decided I needed a snack at the Field Kitchen.. Service wasn't top notch...but getting off my feet...was great!

Next Up Was WWII Field Hospital.. I'm actually a super fast typer and so my stills were appreciated... I told them I can't be held responsible for spelling mistakes...

All the sudden I found myself with a machine gun in the Vietnam War... But honestly I had to have a quick lesson on how to hold said gun.... shows how many firearms I handle.. lol
They said I did pretty good for a first timer.. 

That Was An Excellent Adventure!

After my time warp- I realized 

A: I probably should get back to the LBCC Shop 
B: I was tired and hungry. 
C: It was time for CAKE!

So that was pretty much the weekend.

If you haven't check out Military History Fest. You should. It's really fun and on Saturday Night.. there is a BALL! 

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